Annual Investor Conference

Each winter we host a highly anticipated intimate conference for our clients in the Bahamas.

Below is a list of speakers who have given remarks at this event.

We invite all former speakers to the conference in succeeding years - with several choosing to reattend, including Mr. Paul Volcker and Dr. Henry Kissinger.


Mr. Paul A. Volcker
Former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve System
Mr. Russell Napier
Equity Strategist, CLSA
Mr. Mitchell L. Lieberman
Head of Prime Brokerage, Goldman Sachs
Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski
Former National Security Advisor to President Carter
Mr. James Grant
Founder & Editor, Grant's Interest Rate Observer
Mr. Robert M. Teeter
Former National Chairman 1992 Bush Campaign
Mr. John Hess
Chairman & CEO, Hess Corporation
Mr. Stephen Roach
Chief Economist, Morgan Stanley
Dr. George Friedman
Founder & Chairman, Stratfor
Mr. Fred Hickey
Editor, High Tech Strategist
Mr. David Scott
Asia Strategist, Deutsche Bank
Dr. Glen Hubbard
Former Chairman, White House Council of Economic Advisors
Mr. Morris Goldstein
Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics
Prof. Dr. Norbert Walter
Chief Economist, Deutsche Bank
Prof. F. Warren McFarlan
Professor, Harvard Business School
Dr. Henry A. Kissinger
Former U.S. Secretary of State
Dr. Bernard Duroc-Danner
Chairman, President & CEO Weatherford International
Mr. James McGregor
Author & Journalist
Mr. Amir Taheri
Author & Journalist
President George H. W. Bush
41 st President of United States
Mr. Kiril Sokoloff
13-D Research
Mr. Richard Bove
Punk, Ziegel & Co.
Mr. Claes Dahlback
Chairman Stora Enso Oyj
General Peter Pace
Former Chairman, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
Mr. James Stewart
Pulitzer Prize-winning Author
Mr. Marc Faber
Gloom, Boom & Doom Report
Mr. Tim Ryan
President & CEO of Securities Industry & Financial Markets Assoc (SIFMA)
General Colin Powell
USA (Ret.), 65th Secretary of State
Sir John Bond
Chairman, Vodafone Group Plc
Mr. Joseph Rosenberg
CIO, Loews Corporation
Mr. Richard Ramsden
Head of Financial Services Investment Research, Goldman Sachs
Mr. Paul A. Volcker
Former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve System
Dr. Henry A. Kissinger
Former US Secretary of State, Founder, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
Mr. Duncan L. Niederauer
Chief Executive Officer, NYSE Euronext
Dr. Edward I. Altman
Stern Max L. Heine Prof of Finance, School of Business, NYU
Dr. George Friedman
Founder & Chairman, Stratfor
Mr. Charlie Rose
Executive Editor and Anchor of Charlie Rose
Dr. Donald Kohn
Vice Chairman of The Federal Reserve System (2006-2010)
General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.)
Former Commander of U.S. & Intl Forces in Afghanistan
Hon. Nicholas F. Brady
Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
Hon. David Mulford
Vice Chairman Credit Suisse Intl, Former U.S. Ambassador to India
Mr. Russell Napier
Consultant Investment Strategist
Mr. Charlie Rose
Executive Editor and Anchor of Charlie Rose
Mr. Alan Simpson
Former Co-Chair, US National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (2010)
Dr. Robert M. Gates
22nd US Secretary of Defense
Mr. David Scott
Founder & Chief Strategist, Cha-Am Advisors
Mr. Michael Goldstein
Managing Partner, Empirical Research
Dr. Henry A. Kissinger
Former US Secretary of State
Dr. Alan S. Blinder
Gordon S. Rentschler Memorial Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University
Dr. Megan L. O'Sullivan
Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of Intl Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School
Dr. Andy Xie
Director, Rosetta Stone Advisors
Mr. James Aitken
Founding Partner, Aitken Advisors LLP
Dr. Andrew P. McAfee
Principal, MIT Sloan School of Management
Dr. Robert D. Ballard
Professor & Director, Center for Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
Mr. Jason DeSena Trennert
Managing Partner, Strategas Research
Mr. William Anderson Jr.
Partner, Goldman Sachs M&A Group
The Rt. Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes CH
Former Governor of Hong Kong
Mr. Vladimir Pozner
Award-Winning Journalist & Author
Mr. Jesper Koll
Managing Director of Research, J.P. Morgan Japan Members of Investment Advisory Group of Holowesko Partners Ltd.
Hon. Kevin M. Rudd
26th Prime Minister of Australia
Ms. Emma Sky
Director Yale World Fellows Senior Fellow Jackson Institute, former Advisor to Commanding General of US Forces Iraq
Mr. James Sweeney
Managing Director of Credit Suisse
Mr. Paul Greenberg
Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH
Former Prime Minister of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
Dr. Henry A. Kissinger
Former US Secretary of State
Ms. Karen Elliott House
Former Publisher WSJ & Former Sr. VP Dow Jones & Co
Mr. Ken Sena
Sr. Managing Director, Evercore Partners
Dr. Lawrence B. Lindsey
President & CEO, The Lindsey Group
Prof Nathan S. Lewis
George L. Argyros Prof of Chemistry, California Inst of Tech
Prof Michael Pettis
Finance Prof, Guanghua School of Management Peking University
Mr. Jonathan Taplin
Director Emeritus, University of Southern California
Hon. David Mulford
Vice Chairman Credit Suisse Intl, Former U.S. Ambassador to India
Xiging Gao
Yu-Tong Cheng Chair Professor, Tsinghua University of Law
Mr. Russell Napier
Consultant Investment Strategist
Ms. Karen Elliott House
Sr Fellow Belfer Cr Science and International Affairs
Mr. Niall Ferguson
Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Senior Faculty Fellow, Belfer Center for Science, and Int'l Affairs, Harvard University
Mr. Ronen Bergman
Investigative journalist, historian, lawyer and author, Staff writer with The New York Times, and Senior correspondent with Yedioth Ahronoth
Mr. Kenneth Rogoff
Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Mr. Russell Napier
Author of The Solid Ground investment report, Chairman, Mid Wynd International Investment Trust Plc.
Mr. Matthew Pottinger
Former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor
Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch (Ret.)
Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine
Mr. Russell Napier
Independent Investment Strategist & Author
Mr. Chris Miller
Author of Financial Times’ Business Book of the Year 2022, Chip War, Assistant Professor, The Fletcher School, Director, Greenmantle
Dr. Charles Dallara
Chairman of the Board, Partners Group (USA) Advisory Partner
Ambassador Michael McFaul
U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation (2012-2014); Stanford Professor and Hoover Institution Senior Fellow; Washington Post Columnist; NBC News Analyst
Mr. Jesper Koll
Mr. Russell Napier
Independent Investment Strategist & Author

N.B. - The conference speakers listed and pictured have not endorsed Holowesko Partners Ltd., nor does their inclusion herein represent an endorsement by these individuals to engage the investment advisory services of Holowesko Partners Ltd.






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